Ben Reilly

Game Designer / Programmer

San Jose, CA

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Games with Kids

Every Sunday I have dinner with many of my friends. Sometimes I work on little games with their kids, who range in age from about 5 to 10. When I was their age I would have loved to have someone teach me how to make games, so it's a lot of fun being able to provide that for them.

When we work on the games, they tell me what to make and I code it for them live. It is a fun challenge to code a feature quickly enough to keep them engaged! Sometimes they want to make their own graphics, sometimes they let me do it, and sometimes they'll outsource it to one of the others huddled on the couch with us. There are usually plenty to choose from:

Most of these games are incomplete, and likely will remain that way: so far I've tried to give them a way for their ideas to come to life, without burdening them with figuring out how to polish or wrap things up neatly.

Weakly Games

An 11-week experiment in weekly game development in the fall of 2014. Each project was designed and developed in 7 days or fewer.